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Bulk Fuel Delivery

We provide bulk fuel deliveries of diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, ethanol, and kerosene in full transport and tank wagon quantities. Our extensive fleet and geographic reach enable quick deliveries and our courteous drivers are professionally trained and licensed. We offer 24/7 service in Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon.

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“Keep Full” Inventory Management System

Let us do the work to manage your fuel purchasing. We treat our customer’s tanks as if they were our own when it comes to shopping for the fuel that goes in them. Never worry about running out of fuel again. We can control the inventory in your tank and shop for the fuel at the best time.

Fuel Flash Program

Our Fuel Flash Program provides fuel pricing on a daily, weekly, or custom basis. Compare our pricing with your supplier and watch how our competitive and consistent fuel pricing will be the best option for your operations and budget.


Rely on us for fuel storage and dispensing equipment. We offer equipment rentals, loans, and sales, with a variety of programs to fit your budget.

Tank Monitors


Get the answer to your fuel inventory problems with a wireless remote tank level monitoring and management system that will monitor your tank levels and usage. With internet capabilities, you can view your tank levels anywhere world-wide. This innovative system will send an automatic e-mail when set inventory levels are reached.

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