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CFN Fueling Network

The APP CFN Fleetwide card is accepted at over 2,700 CFN® Cardlocks and 50,000 Fuelman retail fueling locations throughtout the United States and Canada. Below are just a few of the branded stations that accept this card. There are many more! Just look for the Fuelman logo. To view all our CFN®  network locations, Click Here.



With the CFN Fleetwide Cardlock Network you have unsurpassed fuel management and security controls.


APP is meeting the need for our customers with a time saving solution of filling at a CFN Cardlock while on the road at a competitive price.  APP customers can take advantage of filling their diesel tank along with their DEF tank at the same time at our select APP-owned cardlock locations (hyperlink to cardlock locations), as well as at many other CFN & Pacific Pride locations.

APP will continue to expand this DEF product offering to more cardlock locations.

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CFN® Mobile Locator

The CFN® Mobile Locator is the official application for the CFN® and FleetWide fueling networks. The application allows users to find CFN® and FleetWide accepting locations using their current GPS coordinates or city and state.



> Link to Download in iTunes



> Link to Download Android app on Play