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Chevron Lubricants

chevron-logoAPP has enjoyed a long successful partnership with Chevron including the Havoline line of products. Chevron’s product offering is the most extensive in the industry and their relationship with OEM’s. Ours is truly a partnership, from product information, availability, to storage and handling to engineering and sales support.


APP is proud to have earned the certification of a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer. To achieve this status we have committed to the highest quality of training and proven exceptional customer service. In turn, Chevron provides APP local field personnel to ensure that our programs are carried out, not just promised.

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Chevron Delo products are one of the #1 lubricant products for on- and –off-road applications. Serving the heavy-duty market segment which includes trucking, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, railroad, and marine industries.  Their proven performance with extending drains, improving fuel economy, and overall health of your equipment is the reason why you need to choose Delo products.

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Is your oil ISOCLEAN?  Lubricant experts tell us that particle contamination is the leading cause of wear and ultimately component and engine failure.  APP has invested in technology that cleans new oil improving the Isocleanliness code of your oil which will increase your equipment life!

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For the automotive segment, Chevron offers the Havoline and Supreme line of lubricants.

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Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner is the fuel additive of choice for many automakers.  Trusted by mechanics to restore and clean your fuel injector, combustion changer and intake valve.

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