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Commercial Propane

APP Propane’s Commercial Services fit a wide range of propane needs, from operating your fleet or facility to reselling for profit. Propane is a good choice for your business since it’s cost-effective and less harmful to the environment than other fossil fuels. You will also meet clean air mandates because it burns cleaner than gasoline, is more cost effective than electricity, and helps lengthen engine life.

Our commitment is Great Customer Service at a competitive price to meet your bottom line with:

Motor Fuel Applications

Propane has proven to be a cost-effective, clean, safe and reliable alternative comparable to fossil fuels. Its clean-burning properties minimize air pollution in metropolitan areas and are ideal for bus, taxi, delivery and other fleet applications. Propane is also listed as an approved alternative fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992.Converting your gasoline-powered vehicle to propane is easy with a qualified conversion contractor. Additionally, there are tax advantages by promoting energy conversation with the Energy Policy Act of 2005. See tax advantages.


Propane is an excellent choice for forklift operation as they operate with little pollution and don’t have to be recharged for long periods, like electric models do. Plus propane only takes about five minutes to change a cylinder, not hours of downtime recharging. This is ideal for businesses with multi-shifts. Propane-powered forklifts have proven to handle the heavy load with ease and consistency compared to electric and natural gas counterparts.

APP Propane can supply cylinder cabinets for convenient, safe storage and our APP Propane professionals will fill your cylinders on an automatic delivery schedule. For heavier users, you may want to install an on site bulk storage tank. Our staff will train your personnel in the proper procedures of safe and efficient propane filling.

Reselling Station

Become an authorized reseller of propane and bring more profits to your business. A wide range of customers will come your way including motor homes, campers, grillers, and customers that use propane for shop heat.

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APP Propane serves the hospitality industry with the top-notch service you require in order to serve your customer with high quality customer service. A competitive price, supply, and 24/7 customer service ensures you are not impacted in serving your customer.


APP Propane can supply your propane needs for your building lobby, fireplaces, pools, kitchens, any number of uses for your heating, hot water, and cooking needs.


APP Propane can supply your propane needs for your cooking, hot water, and fireplace.

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