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Fleet Fueling & DEF Services

APP’s On-Site Fueling Service allows your staff to show up and get to work by having APP fuel your fleet during your downtime. Increasing productivity means savings from non-productive labor and other liabilities associated with doing your own fueling. While your vehicles are sitting at your job site or facility, our drivers will fill your tanks so you are ready to go at the beginning of each work shift. We run a 24/7 operation and will fuel according to your schedule.

APP’s fleet is outfitted with Symbology, a superior barcode scanning system and the only fueling system approved by the Fire Marshall, DOT, and Weights & Measures.


Have 2010 or newer equipment fitted with a DEF system?  No worries, APP’s DEF Fleet Fueling Service will handle the job for you.  Our dedicated DEF trucks, outfitted with the latest technology, will ensure your fleet is ready to run on your next shift along with your fuel requirements.

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A simple solution to a sophisticated problem… Control your time, control your spending, and control your budget!