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Fuel Additives

For a typical diesel fleet operator, fuel represents the highest operating cost after labor. Therefore, it is necessary to consider other options in controlling your bottom-line.

APP supplies ValvTect Fuel Additives, which are designed to provide peak performance, reduce maintenance, extend engine life and improve air quality by reducing exhaust emissions. ValvTect products are formulated to meet petroleum industry and engine manufacturer specifications. Performance claims are documented by laboratory and field-testing protocols established by engine manufacturers, ASTM, SAE, NCWM, EMA, TMC, and other appropriate organizations.

fuel-diesel-guardDiesel Guard Premium Diesel Additives

The petroleum industries highest quality premium diesel additive. This complete multifunctional formulation provides heavy duty diesel engines a full range of performance benefits for maximum operating efficiency. Formulations include various levels of cetane improver, injector detergent, lubricity improver, stabilizers, moisture dispersant, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. The key to peak diesel engine performance is clean and deposit free injectors. The Diesel Guard Supreme detergent package meets or exceeds the rigorous Cummins L-10 Superior rating for injector deposit cleanliness. Proper use will provide injector deposit clean-up and keep clean benefits which help provide the exacting fuel spray patterns needed for proper fuel ignition and combustion

Use of Diesel Guard Supreme has been documented under industry, laboratory, and field tests to:

The Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) and various regulatory agencies have established standards for “superior” and/or “premium” diesel fuel. Diesel fuel treated with Diesel Guard Supreme can meet the EMA and National Conference of Weights and Measures (NCWM) specifications when blended with the proper quality base diesel fuel.


Diesel Guard Antigel Deicer Additives. The Perfect Winter Solution

ValvTect manufactures the industries most effective additive system to prevent winter diesel fuel problems such as filter plugging caused by fuel gelling and icing. Their antigel formulas contain proprietary wax crystal modifiers, cold flow improvers, heavy wax modifiers, and wax anti-settling properties. This prevents formation of large wax crystals that plug filters and shut engines down.

All Diesel Guard winter grade formulas also include a non-alcohol jet fuel deicer/water dispersant which lowers the freeze point of entrained water to prevent the formation of ice crystals. The dispersant safely removes a controlled amount of moisture from tanks and lines to prevent water build-up and icing in the fuel system.

This advanced system of antigel and deicer components provides superior improvement of cold temperature operability on a wide range of todays hard to treat low and high sulfur distillate fuels. Diesel Guard antigel/deicer can provide improved cold temperature operability equaling up to a 70% blend of No.1 (Kerosene). Proper use of Diesel Guard antigel/deicer additives can:

Distillate fuel treated with Diesel Guard antigel/deicer provides diesel equipment operators with significantly better fuel economy by eliminating, or reducing, No.1 fuel which contains a BTU content about 4,000 less per gallon than straight No. 2 diesel. A “winterized” diesel fuel with Diesel Guard antigel/deicer additive contains up to 1400 more Btu’s per gallon than a 70/30 blend of No. 2 and No. 1, thus, producing more energy and better fuel economy and power. Additional benefits verses a No.1 blend include better lubricity, deicing, moisture dispersancy, and enhancement with cetane improver, detergents and other components to produce a true “winterized” premium diesel fuel.


BioGuard Fuel Microbiocides

Bacteria and fungi can grow in diesel fuel tanks causing bio-contamination appearing like a black stringy slime or sludge. This contamination can cause equipment to shut down by plugging filters. This acidic slime and sludge contamination can corrode tanks and engine parts.ValvTect BioGuard Fuel Microbiocides are EPA registered microbiocides that quickly and effectively kill and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi found in diesel fuel, heating oil, residual oil, lubricating oil and Gasoline. BioGuard works in as little as 2 – 3 hours.

Typical applications include marine, farm, truck fleet, industrial, home heat, generators, and railroad storage tanks. Formulas are available for both bulk treatment and consumer use. BioGuard Microbiocide for bulk treatment is a concentrated dual soluble formula for use in Gasoline and Diesel available in gallons for ease of handling and storage. Each gallon of the concentrated formula treats 5,000 gallons of fuel at the kill rate and 10,000 gallons at the maintenance rate.


ValvTect Marine Fuel Additives

ValvTect manufactures a complete line of products specially formulated for marine engines which operate under much heavier loads and more severe environments than automotive gasoline or commercial diesel truck engines. ValvTect Marine Products are formulated to improve performance, extend engine life, reduce maintenance and improve fuel economy.

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