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Industrial Propane

APP Propane’s Industrial Services is used in a number of industrial settings including building construction, temporary heating, crematories, welding, asphalt batch plants, and manufacturing. Additionally, as a large supplier of commercial fuels and lubricants in the Alaska transport business, we have the ability to provide propane for large orders to export.

Our commitment is Great Customer Service at a competitive price to meet your bottom line with:

Temporary Heating

Save money on your construction project by choosing propane over diesel for temporary heating. With the high price of diesel, propane is averaging 40% less in costs. Heating and drying a large construction job with multiple contractors on site is costly, propane will prove a tremendous savings and is not harmful to the environment. APP Propane has the versatility to design a system to support any size of project, from small to industrial scale. Whether you’re curing concrete, tarring a roof, or keeping the construction job going, APP Propane can provide you the business solutions you need to fit your budget.

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Homebuyers today are looking for the economical and environmentally safe choice for their home energy needs. APP Propane wants to be the subcontractor you hire for a complete new home package for your future customer. It’s an effortless turnkey answer with APP Propane from buying the equipment to installation and delivery. Our service is 24/7 and we can handle the hectic schedule of any builder quickly and efficiently.

Alternative Energy Source

In times of crisis whether it be a windstorm or an earthquake, you need an alternative energy source. APP Propane recommends installing a propane back-up system during times of natural gas curtailment. APP Propane’s Service is 24/7 and we ensure our Emergency Contingency Plan is up to date in order to serve our clientele.