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iso-clean-logoISOCLEAN Services- Is your oil ISOCLEAN?  Lubricant experts tell us that particle contamination is the leading cause of wear and ultimately component and engine failure.  APP has invested in technology that cleans new oil improving the ISO Cleanliness code of your oil which will increase your equipment life!

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Decreasing unscheduled downtime and increasing your component life is all about contamination control.

Why clean new oil?  The journey of the oil from blend plant to your equipment presents many opportunities for lubricants to pick up contamination.  Microscopic particles in your oil can cause wear-related equipment failure and it’s important that the oil you put into your equipment meets the OEM ISO Cleanliness Codes when YOU put your oil into your equipment.  You can do that by using Certified ISOCLEAN lubricants, along with oil analysis, and you will achieve significant savings in equipment costs and downtime.

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Patch Testing


Calculate your ISO Cleanliness Code with the ISOCLEAN Calculator by click here and contact us today to get started in increasing your equipment life.

iso-clean-certificateBuying Certified ISOCLEAN lubricants from APP, your ISOCLEAN order receives a Certificate of Analysis from Chevron Lubricants stating the ISO Cleanliness Code achieved.

Contact us today to find out more about ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants and how you can achieve longer equipment life, increased uptime, and increase your profits!