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Spill Control

Spills happen…Be prepared for tomorrow

Spill Control – In the event of a petroleum or chemical spill, you are required to be familiar with the properties, hazards, and prompt and proper clean-up. Planning for spills is essential in business today and you need to ensure your operation has adequate supplies for all types of clean-ups that would pertain to your facility.

APP believes spill prevention and response are an essential part of our service offering. We have teamed with local suppliers to provide quality spill control products and responsiveness to ensure you have the products on hand in the event of a spill.


Spill Control

Control all your leaks, drips, and spills with a variety of products to include drainseals, berms, containment sumps, and spilldecks. Ensure your SPCC Plan is up to date.

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Spill Sorbents

Use for everyday maintenance-type leaks and spills or touch clean-ups with a variety of spill pads, booms, socks, and granular loose absorbents.

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Spill Kits

Respond quickly to spills in your facility, outdoors, or on the road. Our large variety of products includes poly bag, nylon, bucket, truck-mount, marine, drum, and tote sizes.


Meet EPA compliances with mandated spill products. All types of drainguards, catch basins, curbguards, spillberms, and other storage is available through APP. Summary of Critical Regulations containing information on Stormwater Management Regulation (40 CFR 122.26), Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Rule (SPCC) 401 CFR 112 and EPA Container Storage Regulations 40 CFR 264.15.

View Lab Safety Regulations Document (PDF)

Secondary Containment

Contain leaks, drips, and spills with a variety of containment sumps, spill decks and trays, spill pallets, containment pools and berms.