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Tank Rental

APP’s Fuel Tank Rental Program utilizes the TRANSCUBETCG double-walled UL-142 fuel storage tank systems. You will benefit with a first-rate, heavy-duty fuel tank that will comply with the highest environmental criteria. DOT approved for over-the-road transportation gives you the flexibility to move the tank within your facility or job site. Tank sizes available are 528 gallon, 792 gallon, and 1,240 gallons with the option of a 12 Volt or 115 Volt Pumping System with meter.

20TCG (528 Gallon)

20TCG (528 Gallon)

30TCG (792 Gallon)

30TCG (792 Gallon)

50TCG (1,240 Gallon)

50TCG (1,240 Gallon)


The Transcube is manufactured with high quality materials and can withstand the harshest of conditions. Ideal for construction job sites large or small; in-city or remote locations; road or excavation; the Transcube is your choice for worry-free fuel storage and dispensing.

tank-rental-4 tank-rental-5


The Transcube is compliant with CFR 49 (Code of Federal Regulations), Part 178 which prescribes a manufacturing and testing specification for Packaging and Containers. Baffles inside the inner tank prevent fuel surges during transportation and loads becoming unstable and dangerous plus corner brackets are strong and reliable tie down points for securing during transportation. Being approved under DOT regulations for the transportation of diesel fuel on the road allows you to move the tank and fuel from within your job site.

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Environmental Protection

Transcube’s fill and connection points are all inside the secondary containment cabinet keeping all accidental drips and spills from contaminating the environment. Any drips or spills made during connection of the equipment are kept exactly where they should be kept; safely inside the secondary containment area.


Enviroconnect Cabinet


Compliant for Your Job Site or Business

Whether your fuel tank will be placed near a large body of water or as small as a creek, or your business is near a natural reserve, the Transcube’s environmentally-friendly features protect the environment. Along with the DOT approval which allows you to move the tank safely on any job site or business yard, your inspector will be glad you chose to do business with APP.

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The APP Tank Rental Program is the solution for you for any fuel storage and dispensing needs: